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The Writing Process

What you can expect from our collaboration.

Let me give you an insight into how we'll approach your text creation/ copywriting project - no matter how big or small. This is what you can expect to get the results you want.

Step 1


Think we could be a good match? You get in touch with me.

Then we can schedule a phone or video call (or even meet up in person if you're in Vienna, Austria). During this meeting, I will get to know your business and its needs. To do this, I will use a Brief Sheet as a guide.

After our meeting, I will send you the Brief Sheet to review. This is your opportunity to add any details you may have forgotten to mention in our meeting. 

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We are a team. As you know, teamwork requires communication, and communication is a two-way street. At this stage I'll outline my responsibilities as a writer, and what I need from you as a client. 

english copywriting writing services vienna austria germany switzerland

Step 2


Time for me to become Sherlock Holmes.

I step into the shoes of your ideal customer: what does he need? What does he want? Why should he choose you to solve his problem? 

I get to know your company and your products or services: what makes it unique? What are people saying about it? 

I check out your competition: what is their branding like? How are they performing? What makes you different to them? 

Importantly, I familiarise myself with your industry: how competitive is your market? What are the current and expected trends? How do the consumers behave?

Step 3

Writing and Editing

This is where it all comes together. I will prepare a first draft for you, using the market research I carried out, knowledge of behavioural psychology, proven copywriting techniques, and my own creative skills (and a steady flow of tea!) 

Like what you see? That's great! 

english copywriting writing services vienna austria germany switzerland

Got a few suggestions to make? No problem. One round of revisions is expected, so you tell me where I could change this or that, I'll take your feedback on board and prepare a second (and hopefully final) draft for you. Please be honest with me here (no hurt feelings, I promise), as it will keep the process going as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

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Step 4

Final stages and additional optimisation

When you're happy with the final revised version, I send it to you in the format of your choice (Word Document, Google Document, PDF) for you to use in its final form. 

Your phone keeps ringing, customers start buying, emails won't stop flowing in, the leads keep flowing - now you can do what you do best and get those sales!

Once you get a feel for how customers are reacting to your new copy, feel free to get back in touch with me to make a little change here, a tweak there, or a total edit in some places. You will know best what's working (and what might not be) so I can help you optimise your copy even further. 

What do you want to do next?
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