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All about The English Writing Company

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Hello, there. 
So you're curious to know a little more about who is going to be crafting creative, convincing and clear English texts for your business? 

Let me introduce myself.

English copywriter Werbetexter in Wien in Vienna Austria

My background

Hi there, my name is Theresa Allsopp. I'm a native English speaker, born and raised in the UK. What makes me different to other English-language text creators and copywriters? I'm also a bilingual and bicultural Austrian citizen living and working in Vienna, Austria.  My dual heritage and love for languages means I understand two cultures and languages intimately.

Love for words

I could give you the 'I've always loved writing' cliché, but I won't. More than a love of writing, I have an affinity for words. Specifically, how words can be used to influence people, or to move people, or to motivate people.  That's what you need, right? Someone who can turn potential clients into paying customers by using the power of words.

Qualifications & experience

I enjoy language so much that I did a Modern Languages degree (German and Italian), with a focus on translation and intercultural communication. One of the most important things I learned was this: how we communicate matters. A lot. Getting your message to be understood is not as easy as producing a combination of words. In fact, it's an exact science.  I completed a copywriting course by The Creative Copywriter Academy which taught me how to write for marketing purposes. The course also helped me build a portfolio of work, some of which you can view on this website. I have worked as a Marketing Coordinator at small-medium businesses in Austria. These experiences gave me valuable understanding about marketing, branding, and website creation. I am a freelance copywriter at the Copywriter Collective copywriting agency, and am also a member of the Queen's English Society and the International Copywriter's Association.

The Creative Copywriter Academy
The Copywriter Collective
The Queen's English Association
International Copywriter's Association
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