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Copywriting / Text Creation

I specialise in direct response copywriting.

Sounds good, but what is that, exactly? 

What kind of actions can you influence people to take?

Direct response copywriting is writing that sells or persuades (for marketing purposes). It basically means getting people to take a desired action using the power of words. 

Whatever you want them to do! Click one more link, read one more page, share one more post, sign up to a newsletter or register for a program. Maybe you want the reader to get in touch with you, or purchase your product. 

How do you do this? What's the trick?

It's really important to understand what your customers want, and how your product/ service solves the problem they have. I combine that with sneaky SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help your website show up in search engines, and persuasive, creative English to capture your target market. 

Curious about my method?

Okay, that makes sense. But what does it mean for my business?

Getting customers to do what you want them to has an obvious outcome:  increasing your profits and reputation. Convert those lukewarm sales leads into loyal customers.

And as soon as they see how amazing your business is, you can bet they'll keep coming back to you for more.

So, how can you actually help me?

I can produce high-quality, persuasive English texts for your websites. Imagine attractive home pages, persuasive sales pages, and product descriptions filled with key words. Need sales materials? I can write informative brochures or flyers, or create compelling advertisements.
Really, anything where you want a customer to respond to you.

You can sell the best product or offer the greatest service in the world, but if you aren't communicating to your audience properly, you won't get the results you really want. Top businesses understand this. That's why they value copywriters so much. 
Copywriting is writing that sells or persuades.
Fairly simple... or is it? Copywriting is about connecting with the right audience and understanding what they really want. And then it's informing them about the best solution to their problem: your product or service! 

Learn more about me         or          start realising your business's potential now
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