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Welcome to 
The English Writing Company.

English texts for your business.

Did you know, that you have 0.1 seconds to make an impression on a potential client?

Don't waste any more time.

Win international clients with quality English texts for European businesses.

English writing services for your business

Get in touch to transform your opportunities


What do you need?

I offer English Text Creation and Copywriting, English Editing and Proofreading, and Translation from German to English
Although I specialise in German-speaking businesses in Europe, I help anyone and everyone. 
Click the service you're interested in below to learn more. 

I write your English texts so you can focus on your business.

Impress discerning clients with perfect English materials. 

Online translation tools will never outperform a native speaker's expertise. 

How to tell if you need an English copywriter

Do you need an English copywriter?

I know what you're thinking.









 Excellent questions. 

What is a copywriter? And why are they important?

A copywriter uses words to sell or persuade. Copy is just a word for 'the text used in advertising and marketing'. Therefore, a copywriter writes text which encourages and convinces someone to buy a product/service, or take an action (register for a site, contact for more information, visit a website or a store... you get the idea).  
Copywriting is salesmanship, not just writing clever words. It aims to make its clients money.

Most companies don't even realise they need an English copywriter. By that time, they might have missed the chance to win new, international clients. 

Don't waste any more time. 

How to tell if your business needs
The English Writing Company

You are:

a company who wants to improve their existing English content
a German-speaking business based in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland

You want to:
You need:

attract more clients from all over the world
stand out from the competition
increase sales and revenue
convey strong and consistent branding
communicate effectively with customers

a memorable and powerful website
creative and informative English texts
effective and persuasive advertising
precise editing & proofreading
translation from German into fluent, clear English

Sounds like your business?

Then click here to find out about my services





ho am I? 

I am a native English speaker from the UK.  The twist? I'm also a bicultural German speaker, here to help your business grow. 


My background and experiences make me a qualified, valuable asset to have by your side. ​

I know how the language your business uses affects your performance, sales, and perception - do you?

Theresa Allsopp english text creator copywriter in Vienna, Austria, Germany, Switzerland


Ready to get started?

Your project is as unique as you are. Go on, tell me all about it. 

And then let me know how I can help.

Thank you for sending me a quick message. I look forward to our working together.

+43 (0) 670 659 9909

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